It all started
At an early age drawing in chalk on her dad's shop floor!

The Focused Perfectionist

always says
“Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if…?”

dream project
An exclusive, boutique line of stationery.

HER side
Gets all the details just right.

can't get enough of
Her hard-working husband and their two little redheaded boys!


Michelle has been a professional graphic designer for over 16 years, creating personalized products, wedding, holiday, and social stationery for nationally known printing corporations.
Brands she has designed for include
Macy's, Office Depot, Neiman Marcus, Crane's Co., and Target.

She has a degree with highest honors in Commercial Art, Design, and Applied Arts
from South Central College in North Mankato, Minnesota.


Layout & Design . Typography . Pre-Press . Photography

Michelle is also a professional photographer who focuses on portrait, family, graduate sessions and can stage product or help in any way for your business.