We're the design team of Brandon Reibeling and Michelle Isebrand.
We've been creating one-of-a-kind, best-selling, award-winning* designs together for 16+ years.

Welcome to the design co-operative we call Him & Her Design. Together, we have the skills and talents to get you the creative things you need in exactly the way you want them.
The best part is that you don't have to do anything — just approve your design and we'll do
what it takes to deliver your project to you finished, done, and just right.

Our roots are in stationery design, but our capabilities go way beyond paper. For instance ...

We can create you the perfect wedding invitation suite and the
coordinating holiday card you send your first season together.

We'll design your company's logo and that awesome,
building-size vinyl banner with that logo on it.

Need photography? Illustration? Help with product design? We can do that, too.
Along with: commercial art, creative strategy, marketing campaigns, paper engineering,
pre-press, trend curating, print production and manufacturing.

*Okay. So, winning awards didn't happen right away.

There were the years we were trying to work as a team
(as in, arguing all day through the cubicle walls and driving everybody crazy)
at a printing company.

And the years we were roommates, when everybody thought we should get engaged,
so we got a fake diamond ring for $9.99 and freaked our parents out.

And then came the years when we stopped fighting at work and got
our own apartments and Michelle got married and ...

It suddenly, somehow, just clicked. We found out how awesomely
our design styles blended and our skills matched.

Then there were the awards. And even better stuff. Keep reading.